Why AB Airbags? - All Tuffy Airbags are Recyclable / Reusable

We Are a Professional Dunnage Airbags Provider

AB Airbags provides a number of different types and sizes of TUFFY dunnage bags and accessory equipment for use in deploying the bags for container and packaging load securement. The result: cost-effective added cargo protection insurance for the shipper. Our team has 30 years of hands-on experience in providing cargo protection solutions and support.

We live and breathe customer service which is evident in the following aspects:

  • Quality materials and products

    Excellence and highly experienced in design, manufacturing and quality control of TUFFY dunnage bags

  • Reliability

    Reliable supply and delivery of dunnage products (we stock multiple warehouses throughout the United States.)

  • Service

    A customer service, sales and/or technical representatives are always available to speak with; we take responsibility for all aspects of our business; we provide high levels of support

  • Innovation

    We continually identify and respond to user needs by developing new shipping devices and methods to increase efficiency and ease of load securement