Our bags are reusable and recyclable.

Save Money While Saving the Planet!


AB Airbags was one of the first dunnage bag companies to offer a 2-way valve without a back cage. This allows for easy inflation and deflation for greater pack out of airbags in a box to reduce warehouse space and ordering less often. Our Pro Flo 2-way valve has now become the preferred valve in the industry.


AB Airbags TUFFY Poly Woven Dunnage Airbags are reusable and can be reused several times with proper handling.


AB Airbags are 100% recyclable and each bag is noted with Universal Recycling symbols.

Recycling number Abbreviation Polymer name
4 LDPE or PE-LD Low-density polyethylene, Linear low-density polyethylene
5 PP Polypropylene

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Recycling symbols 4 and 5