AAR Paper Bear Bag Level 1

Available Now in Boxes of 10

Bear Paper Airbags (10 or 25) - Level 1

Kraft Paper Dunnage Bags AAR Level 1 Cargo Protection Solutions

Sold in boxes containing 10 bags each


  • High-strength Kraft Paper Dunnage Bags
  • Rigidity with semi rigid flex to conform to load
  • Wide mouth 2-Way valve for fast inflation/Deflation
  • Twist & Lock valve for deflation reuse
  • Industrial-style spring valve for added insurance on tough rides
  • No thread cap
  • Use with Venturi Metal Base Inflator
  • AAR Verified Level 1


  • Proven bracing performance
  • Cost-effective added insurance
  • Recyclable and Reusable
  • Venturi lnflator adds speed and safety
  • Right Bag for right application