Tuffy square Dunnage Airbags - AAR Level 1 Verified

TUFFY Square Airbag – AAR Level 1 Verified
Diagram of suggested use of a square dunnage bagPicture of suggested use of a square dunnage bag top view
The TUFFY Square dunnage airbag was designed and created to serve as the primary function of bracing and securing products with a void space greater than 12 inches wide. The TUFFY Square dunnage bag touches more product area, bracing loads without the need for additional dunnage. Made with a premium gauge outer shell Polypropylene woven fabric for high strength, durability and moisture resistance the TUFFY Square dunnage bag is AAR verified for F2 associated method. In place of using corrugated dunnage to reduce the void space to twelve (12) inches or less; Our TUFFY Square Dunnage Bag can reduce costs, save time and achieve your load securement goals, Compatible with our AIR PRO Flowinflation systems, the TUFFY fills in approximately 90 seconds, keeping load time quick and efficient.

Sizes Box Qty
48 x96 (INFLATED) x 22 100
48 x60 (INFLATED) x 22 150
36 x96 (INFLATED) x 22 120
Custom Lengths Available

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