Image of AAR Level 3-4 Tuffy Dunnage bag

Designation Poly Woven Dunnage Bag
Grade Level III & IV (6 or 8 ply Paper equivalent)
Color White, black filler cord, yellow yarn Tuffy Series
Raw Material Outer Layer is Polypropylene, Inner Layer is Polyethylene (special blend), Valve Content is %100 virgin M.D.P.E.
Max void size 12 inches 30.5 cm
Usage Pressure – max 8-10 PSI 552 MBAR
Burst Pressure 30 PSI 2068 MBAR
Inflating Time Dependent on void size and air pressure
Deflating Time Dependent on void size and air pressure
Air filling Suggested psi Regulated & filtered air pressure @ 40 PSI
Width cm/inch See chart Sheet
Length cm/inch See chart Sheet
Weight per bag / per box l See chart Sheet
Packaging bags / per box See chart
Sizes of pallet box -cm l00 x l20 x ll0 +/- 1cm
Sizes of pallet box – inch 39.37 x 47.24 x 43.30 +/- .25
Shelf Life Dependent on conditions (avoid heat-light-moisture)
Stored in ideal conditions up to 60 months
Tested and met all specifications

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