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Designation Poly Woven Dunnage Bag Level 0
Color White, White Nylon filler cord yarn stitched straight and looped With Blue and Yellow Logos & Tuffy Product Brand name with Valve Cap Label & Notes Valve Cap Color may vary
Raw Material Outer Layer is Polypropylene, weave texture may vary Inner Layer is Polyethylene (special blend), Valve Material is 100% virgin M.D.P.E
Material Specifications & Tolerances: PP Woven Fabric with PE Laminate minimum 65 GSM, PE bladder minimum 70 mic, +/- 5%
Max void size (suggested) 16 inches 40.0 cm
Usage Pressure – max 2.8 PSI .19 BAR
Burst Pressure up to 6 PSI .42 BAR
Time Dependent on void size and air pressure
Deflating Time Dependent on void size and air pressure
Air filling recommend Regulated & filtered air pressure @ 90 PSI
Width 36″ , 40″ , 48″ +/- 2″ tolerances
Length Various cut to lengths +/- 2″ tolerances
Weight lbs. per pallet depending on size
Packaging Piece count depending on Size
Sizes of pallet box -cm 100 x 120 x 105 +/- 2”
Sizes of pallet box – inch 40 x 48 x 42 +/- 2”
Shelf Life Dependent on conditions (avoid heat-light-moisture Stored in ideal conditions up to 60 months
Transport Modes: Over the road trucks, Overseas containers
Tuffy Poly Woven Dunnage Airbags

Features and Benefits

  • Poly Woven material has greater elasticity for more surface contact to your pallets – this typically means better load securement and bracing
  • Poly Woven conforms to odd configurations and shapes
  • Polyethylene liner provides a better ride for the airbag in between pallets as airbag typically due to co-efficient of friction stays in place better than a paper airbag
  • Our Metal Body Inflator with Quick Press fit Tip and End Flapper for consistent fill every time with safeguard against over inflation
  • Rapid Air inflation and Deflation with our EZ use 2 way Spring Valve
  • Our 2 way Spring valve plate adds greater security against air loss
  • Our durable Poly Woven materials provide greater tear and moisture resistance than Paper dunnage airbag strength
  • Durable and tough Poly Woven material has proven to provide greater re-use opportunities

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