The Double Blue Dunnage Airbag

The Double Blue Dunnage Airbag


  • High strength Double Layer PE Airbag
  • Venturi Inflator swivels for ease of operation
  • Consistent pressure with Back flapper
  • Push & lock valve for rapid deflation
  • Durable Metal Body lnflator with Newest EZ Click & Quick or Press Fit connection tip
  • Industrial style spring valve for added nsurance on tough rides
  • Moisture resistant & high burst pressure


  • Proven bracing performance
  • Cost effective added insurance
  • Recyclable and Reusable
  • Venturi lnflator adds speed and safety
  • Right Bag for right application


Outer Inner Loading Reusable Working Pressure Burst Pressure Applications
PE Double Layer PE Various Pattern Yes 2.0 PSI 4 PSI Sea container Inland Trucking
Air bag width(”) Truck Void (”)
36″ 0-14″
40″ 0-16″
48″ 0-22″
All Sizes Max 22″
Image showing suggested use of dunnage airbags in cargo container

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