Our Team offers over 30 years of experience in providing cargo securement solutions at the dock level.

Our dedicated AB Airbags Team is passionate about our products and takes pride in our customer satisfaction / care. We go the extra two miles!

TUFFY Airbags = Dependable Load Securement

AB Airbags Valve See the Tuffy product in action.

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Professional Airbags Provider

Why Choose AB Airbags:

AB Airbags provides a number of different types and sizes of TUFFY dunnage bags and accessory equipment for use in deploying the bags for load securement. The result: cost-effective added cargo protection insurance for the shipper.

Our team has 30 years of service of hands on large protetion solutions and support.
We live and breathe customer service which is evident in the following aspects:

  • Quality materials and products

    Excellence and highly experienced in design, manufacturing and quality control of TUFFY Airbags

  • Reliability

    Reliable supply and delivery of product (we stock multiple warehouses throughout the United States.)

  • Service

    A customer service, sales and/or technical representatives are always available to speak with; we take responsibility for all aspects of our business; we provide high levels of support

  • Innovative

    We continually identify and respond to user needs by developing new devices and methods to increase efficiency and ease of load securement

Customer Service is our number one priority.

Meet The Owner

AB Airbags continually strives to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our customer service team is always readily available to answer your call. We are fully dedicated to providing exceptional support for our customers.

We continually identify and respond to customer needs by developing new ways to increase our customer satisfaction.