Dunnage Air Bag Supplier

AB Airbags, head-quartered in Carlsbad, California, U.S.A., is the provider of the TUFFY inflatable dunnage air bags to regional and nationwide shippers for protection of their products from damage during transport.

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AB Airbags prides itself on being a highly reliable and easily accessible supplier of top quality dunnage air bags and accessory tools. We continually strive to provide superior products and services to insure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Customer service is the fundamental principle of AB Airbags upon which all aspects of the company are based.

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Our dedication in meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations begins with the manufacturing of our dunnage products. AB Airbags specifies and requires adherence to specific standards for product materials, assembly and function. Quality testing occurs at multiple stages in the production process to assure a consistently superior product. Periodic on-site quality testing of random bag samples also occurs at our headquarters in Carlsbad using a burst rack and leak chamber to ensure that our bags are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.

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The administrative team at AB Airbags is at the forefront of the company’s commitment to customer service and is always ready to go the extra, airbag-secured, mile to expeditiously address the customer’s needs. Our courteous and knowledgeable order-entry and -fulfillment specialists provide individualized attention to each request to ensure that orders are filled in the most expedient, cost-effective manner possible.

Go the Extra Mile Dunnage Air Bags Customer ServiceThe technical support and sales representatives at AB Airbags have a combined twenty-plus years of experience specifically in the dunnage air bag industry and have the knowledge and practical understanding required to provide shippers with the right products to fulfill their load-securing needs. Additionally, our representatives are available for on-site training on the appropriate use and application of the dunnage air bags for optimum performance.

dunnage air bags customer service imageAB Airbags continually strives to identify and develop new and advantageous devices and product refinements with the goal of simplifying and increasing the efficiency of the implementation of cargo-protection measures. The company has introduced a number of innovative products and designs that have added value to the industry for the benefit of its customers.


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Many of these, such as selective inflation valve positioning, sleeved airbag/wand systems and durably-designed, rapid-inflation tools, are described in the “Products” section and are available for sale through phone/email order or by following the link to the
AB Airbags online commerce site.

Please call for any product information or pricing you need.